The relevance of Thomas Aquinas today

Fr Mario Attard OFM Cap

Many have the erroneous idea that we in the Church should do away with Saint Thomas Aquinas. They argue that although Thomas is the great patron of theology, education and scholar, his mode of thinking is extremely heavy. Thus, it is better to avoid his writings altogether. Is this claim true? Let’s see.

Unfortunately such a pessimistic outlook on Aquinas comes from minds dominated by prejudices and lack of knowledge on the outstanding works of the Angelic Doctor. It is clear that there were generations of teachers who, for some reason or another, were not enthusiastic and sorily lacked the necessary skills in making Catholic Theology available to the man in the street through the precious contribution of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Thus,the million-dollar question is the following: “Why studying Saint Thomas Aquinas in this day and age? Continue reading “The relevance of Thomas Aquinas today”