A conscience-provoking visit

Fr Mario Attard OFM Cap

Pope Francis’ visit to the Greek Island of Lesbos on Saturday 16 April has been marked both by sadness and hope.

On his way to Lesbos from Rome the Holy Father observed that this apostolic journey was one characterised by sadness. To thejounalists during the flight he said:

“This is a journey marked by sadness, this is important. It is a sad journey. We go to meet the greatest humanitarian catastrophe since the Second World War. Let’s go – and we’ll see – so many people suffering, not knowing where to go, who had to flee. And we’re going to a graveyard: the sea. So many people there drowned. I say this not to sour, not bitter, but because even your, today’s, work can convey to you the state of mind with which I make this trip”. Continue reading “A conscience-provoking visit”