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Holiness is practical

Fr Mario Attard OFM Cap

In a recent homily during his daily morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis pointed

out that holiness influences the way we behave. It informs us about the mode we use our


Holiness is about letting ourselves be converted daily to what is right and just before God. He

said: “Small conversions… if you’re able to not speak ill of another, you’re on the right

path to becoming saintly. It’s so easy! I know that you never speak ill of others, no? Little

things … ‘I want to criticize a neighbor, a workmate’: bite your tongue a bit. The tongue will

swell a bit, but your spirit will be holier on this journey. Nothing grand, mortification: no, it’s

simple. The path to holiness is simple. Do not go back, but always moving forward, right?

And with fortitude.”

If holiness is so practical why not humbly ask the Holy Spirit to help me?

Holy Spirit, control my tongue. Transform it into a healing force that renews, encourages,

admonishes with gentleness and, most of all, gives hope to those who hear it speaking. Amen.


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