The healing power of confession

Fr Mario Attard OFM Cap

These days I had the grace to be continually enriched by the most intriguing content of the book by Cardinal Walter Kasper, Mercy: The essence of the Gospel and the key to Christian life.

In page 166 I read the following pericope: “But no psychologist or counselor can say: ‘Your sins are forgiven’ or ‘Go in peace’. This sacrament corresponds today, just as in previous times, to a deep need, and it still has its relevance. It is a work of mercy, both for the individual and for the church community. It could help to overcome aggression and the formation of camps in the church; it could assist in giving Christian humility a new lease on life, establishing more merciful dealings with one another in the church and thereby helping the church to become more merciful”. Continue reading The healing power of confession

Il-faraġ għal omm (ara Lq 7:11-17)

25. Katekeżi dwar il-Ħniena mill-Papa Franġisku. 10 ta’ Awwissu 2016.

Għeżież ħuti, l-għodwa t-tajba!

Is-silta tal-Vanġelu ta’ Luqa li għadna kemm smajna (7:11-17) tippreżentalna miraklu ta’ Ġesù verament grandjuż: il-qawmien mill-mewt ta’ ġuvni. Madankollu, il-qalba ta’ dan ir-rakkont mhux il-miraklu, imma l-ħlewwa li wera Ġesù ma’ omm dak il-ġuvni.

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