Ippremjat bil-Premju Internazzjonali Charlemagne

Patri Mario Attard OFM Cap

Nhar il-Ġimgħa, 6 ta’ Mejju, Papa Franġisku irċieva l-Premju Internazzjonali Charlemagne f’ċerimonja tal-unuri li nżammet fil-Vatikan.

Dan il-premju prestiġjuż huwa mogħti kull sena lill-individwu jew istituzzjoni bħala għarfien għal ħidmiethom favur l-għaqda Ewropeja. Il-Premju Charlemagne huwa mogħti kull sena mill-Belt Ġermanika ta’ Aachen lil xi ħadd li jkun ikkontribwixxa bil-kbir għall-idejali li fuqhom l-Premju ġie mwaqqaf. Continue reading Ippremjat bil-Premju Internazzjonali Charlemagne

How can I be wise?

Fr Mario Attard OFM Cap

Wisdom is one of the grandest and oddest words out there. Though it is impossible ever to reach a state of wisdom, as an aspiration wisdom deserves to rehabilitated and takes its place among a host of other more typical goals one may harbour.

Wisdom seems woven from many strands. The wise are, first and foremost, realistic about how challenging things can be. They are conscious of the complexities entailed in any project. For instance, raising a child, starting a business, spending an agreeable weekend with the family, falling in love. Knowing that something difficult is being attempted does not stop thewise from eagerness to suceed but it makes them more steadfast, calmer, and less prone to panic about problems that would invariably come their way. Continue reading How can I be wise?