Fr Mario Attard OFM Cap

Ours is absolutely an age of martyrs. Many people, especially Christians, are brutally killed for confessing their Christian faith.

In his audience with pilgrims from El Salvador soon after the martyr, Blessed Oscar Romero, was beatified, on October 30 2015, Pope Francis told the faithful present:

“From the very beginning of the life of the Church, Christians have always believed that the blood of martyrs is a seed for Christians, as Tertullian said. Today too, in a dramatic way, the blood of a great number of Christian martyrs continues to be shed on the field of the world, with the certain hope that will bear fruit in a rich harvest of holiness, justice, reconciliation and love of God. But we must remember that one is not born a martyr. Archbishop Romero remarked, ‘We must be willing to die for our faith, even if the Lord does not grant us this honor. … Giving life does not only mean being assassinated; giving life, having the spirit of martyrdom, means offering it in silence, in prayer, in the honest fulfillment of one’s duty; in this silence of everyday life, giving life a little at a time.’” Continue reading “Martyrdom”