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Three regenerational attitudes

On June 1, 2017, Pope Francis outlined three attitudes for us young priests, that help us be missionary disciples in permanent formation.

The first attitude: pray without tiring. “Prayer, the relationship with God, the care of the spiritual life give soul to the ministry, and the ministry, so to speak, gives body to the spiritual life”.

The second attitude: walk always. “Therefore, update oneself always and remain open to God’s surprises! In this openness to the new, young priests can be creative in evangelization, frequenting with discernment the new places of communication, where to find faces, stories and questions of persons, developing the capacity of sociality, of relation and of proclamation of the faith”.

The third attitude: share with the heart. “To be priests is to stake one’s life for the Lord and for brothers, bearing in one’s own flesh the joys and anguishes of the People, spending time and listening to cure the wounds of others and offering all the tenderness of the Father”.

As a politician can I regenerate my political ministry by praying without tiring, walking always and sharing with the heart?

Fr Mario Attard OFM Cap

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