Il-21 lecture annwali dwar Santu Wistin fl-Istitut Agostinjan

The Augustinian Institute of Pietà will be holding the 21st Annual Saint Augustine Lecture 2017. The lecture was instituted in 1997 by Revd Prof. Salvino Caruana OSA, Director of the Augustinian Institute. This year’s edition will be addressed by Revd Professor Theodore Dieter from Strasbourg University.

CaptureThe first lecture will be on Tuesday, 5th December 2017 at 19.00hrs at the University of Malta, Gateway Hall E. Prof. Dieter will discuss Martin Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation (1518). The Programmatic Theses of an Augustinian Friar 500 Years Ago.

The evening will be presided by Revd Prof. Hector Scerri, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Theology, University of Malta. A reception will be held after the lecture. Prof. Dieter will be delivering a second lecture on Wednesday, 6th December 2017 at 18.15hrs at the Augustinian Institute discussing the theme of a Theological Profile of Dr Martin Luther. Prof. Salvino Caruana OSA will be in the Chair. A reception will be held after the lecture.

Author: laikosblog

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