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The interesting and informative opinion piece written by Fr Geoffrey Attard, entitled The ‘Christian right’ is lost, made me reflect harder on the abortion and euthanasia issue.

If, as he rightly puts it, “abortion and, perhaps, even euthanasia are just around the corner on the agenda of our political stage,” now is the time for those who claim to be Christians, whatever their roles in society, primarily our politicians, to stand up and be counted. Now is the time to give witness, once more, of their Christian faith or the human values they believe in.

If, as Pope Francis said, abortion is wrong “because there is a human life there and it is not licit to eliminate a human life to resolve a problem” and euthanasia is wrong because it is “a sin against God the Creator”, since it implies a killing, then how can I be a Christian politician or a politician who strongly believes in human dignity and decide to vote in favour of the abortion and euthanasia legislation?

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