‘Be strong when life is hard’

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Short Reflection by George Calleja

Life is not easy to live. Everyone has his own experience of life. At times it is difficult to make things end due to financial problems. We might be living in difficult situations due to health problems, a broken marriage, being unemployed, or for other reasons. Yes, life could be hard to live.

Through my experience of life I can say that, yes, at times life is hard to live. On the other hand, along the years of my life, I have met with people whose life is much harder than mine. These people have set an example to me, that although life could be difficult, they have this special grace to be able to live through their difficult times.

Getting to know these people, I realised that the only common thing between them, besides the diverse of difficult situation they live in, is having this grace. This grace for them is their daily gift from God. The grace that they are able to live a fulfilled life through His love.

They are strong people, spiritual strong, which makes them able to live life when it is hard. This is only possible as they trust Him in their life, they have faith in Him, as they have a life of prayer with Jesus. So, that is why these people are strong when life is hard, because they are strong in their spiritual life.

If your life is a difficult one, be encouraged. Other people like you are passing through similar situations and living it through His grace. Be like them, trust Him, have faith in Him, and when you pray to Him ask for His grace.

Jesus, will give you God’s grace… I am experiencing this.

In peace and unity,

George Calleja

To view further reflections about life, kindly visit the website ‘Peace and unity in our lives’ through the following link: https://sites.google.com/site/peaceinunity/

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