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Master of Arts in Youth Ministry. Commencing October 2018.

In October 2018, the Faculty of Theology at the University of Malta will once again be
offering a course leading to Master of Arts in Youth Ministry. 

youth ministry.jpgOffered every three years, this professional programme is designed to make candidates eligible as professional youth workers and empower them to minister and work in today’s local context with youth. It is also intended to give a fresh and dynamic contribution to the local Christian Community. It is for this reason that the course attempts to strike a balance between theory and practice and between the Christian and the professional component.

The course is spread over six semesters and entails two years of lectures and field work practice and one year solely dedicated to research. It is offered on a part-time basis (evening) and covers the following modules:
The Youth Minister
Psychosocial Perspectives on Youth Transitions
Christian Perspectives on the Human Person
Models of Youth Ministry
Youth Work Trends and Youth Policy

Youth Ministry Placement
Foundations of Pastoral Theology and Ministry
Professionalism in Youth Ministry

The Master of Arts in Youth Ministry is recommended for those involved in youth ministry, chaplaincies or pastoral work in schools; group leaders, especially youth leaders; youth workers; counsellors, psychologists and social workers.

For further information, kindly visit http://www.um.edu.mt/theology/prospective.
You may contact the course coordinator (Dr Pauline Dimech) at pauline.dimech@um.edu.mt
or the Faculty of Theology on 23402767 at theology@um.edu.mt

youth ministry.jpg

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