Korsijiet mill-Istitut ta’ Formazzjoni Pastorali għas-Sena 2018/2019

L-Istitut ta’ Formazzjoni Pastorali ppublika l-prospectus ta’ korsijiet li ser ikun qed joffri għas-Sena 2018/2019.


Fost diversi suġġetti interessanti hemm:

  • Theology (16 ECTS)
  • Module in Franciscan SpiritualityII (IFP/MFS5)
  • Discovering the Christian Faith (Level 4)
  • General Education Award in Youth Leadership (Level 4)
  • The Human Experience of God in Prayer (Level 4)
  • Adolescent and Youth Ministry (Level 5)
  • Family Ministry (Level 5)
  • History of the Church in Malta (Level 5)
  • Lectio Patrum II (Level 5)
  • Module in God & Politics (Level 5)
  • Module in Spirituality & Justice (Level 5)
  • The Jewish Roots of Christianity (Level 5)
  • Pastoral Care in Schools (Level 6)
  • The Spiritual Dimension in Health Care (Level 6)
  • Certificate in Youth Leadership (MQF/EQFS 4)

Tista’ tara l-Prospectus b’format diġitali hawn: https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/60801846/pfi-prospectus-2018-2019

Dettalji dwar il-korsijiet issibhom ukoll hawn: http://www.maltapfi.org/courses.php

Applika online hawn: http://www.maltapfi.org/application-form.php


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