Silence helps us listening to God

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Our world inundated with noises. Although noises are important not all noises are, in fact, cherished. Certain noises make us feel really burdened.

As every word we utter or write carries with its spirit even noises have their spirit attached to them. Albeit such noises bear a positive spirit yet there will be a time when one simply have to stop himself or herself from listening to them. And, in all humility, s/he retires to enjoy a much pleasant noise. In other words, to enjoy what the undying lyrics by Tom Wilson of the famous single, The Sound of Silence, powerfully say.

When we are in God’s presence, as Simon and Garfunkel sweetly sing in their Album Wednesday Morning, 3.A.M, darkness is not just saluted to but becomes our old friend. And that vision, which softly creeps into our hearts and minds, and leaving its seeds while we sleep or are awake, give us a vision that is planted in our brains. It is a vision which remains because it is enveloped within the sound of silence.

That sound of silence, which accomapnies us in our restless dreams or when sometimes we have been thinking that we are walking alone, even if we were allured by the security of our mobile phones, to finally finding out that we thought we have seen, heard and talked, and, to our dismay, we discovered that it was simply a one-way communication with our frustrated self. However, those of us who really believe, their horizon of meaning is widened. Not merely because of a conceptual nuance or because they have attained a sort of control over themselves (hopefully not of others!). But, and above all, because they experience their being absorbed by God, our Lord, Creator and Saviour.

How beautiful is the Biblical verse, coming from the Book of Wisdom, which says: “For while gentle silence enveloped all things, and night in its swift course was now half gone, thy all-powerful word leaped from heaven, from the royal throne, into the midst of the land that was doomed, a stern warrior” (Wis 18:14-15). Yes! God’s Word leaps from heaven, from the royal thrown, and comes into our doomed existence precisely in that gentle silence!

O that gentle silence which is the sole guarantor of listening to God’s silent and most heard voice! No wonder why St. Faustina wrote the following in her Diary: “In order to hear the voice of God, one has to have silence in one’s soul and to keep silence; not a gloomy silence, but an interior silence; that is to say, recollection in God. One can speak a great deal without breaking silence and, on the contrary, one can speak little and be constantly breaking silence. Oh, what irreparable damage is done by the breach of silence! We cause a lot of harm to our neighbor, but even more to our own selves” (Diary 118).

Another detail has now come forth! Not the gloomy belligerint silence! The silence of an ongoing and a never-ending conflict that silent wars, that have been raged so long ago, must have put in one’s interiority. But the silence to listen “the Spirit of God who is speaking through [you, him, her, us and they]” (Diary 118). As St. Faustina taught us, this Spirit is listened to when one is speaking a great deal and, tragically, one can literally ignore this Spirit when s/he is speaking very little!

Silence kindles the fires of love. This is what the Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us regarding contemplative silence:

“Contemplative prayer is silence, the ‘symbol of the world to come’ or ‘silent love.’ Words in this kind of prayer are not speeches; they are like kindling that feeds the fire of love. In this silence, unbearable to the ‘outer’ man, the Father speaks to us His incarnate Word, who suffered, died, and rose; in this silence the Spirit of adoption enables us to share in the prayer of Jesus” (no.2717).

Silent love needs no words. As Saint Faustina told to Jesus: “In silence I tell you everything, Lord, because the language of love is without words” (Diary, 1489).

Why don’t you spend some 15 minutes every day before Jesus, as present in the Eucharist? Listening to Him is the best life achievement you can ever make!

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