Man of sincere faith

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A beautiful letter written by Alfred Gauci, entitled Exemplary superstar, reminded me of another great man in the world of sports who is a living witness of his Christian Catholic faith, namely the Croatian national team coach Zlatko Dalic.

This man of sincere faith said: “Everything I have done in my life and in my professional career I owe to my faith, and I am grateful to my Lord. I can be very happy with my life [but] without strong faith and that motivation, it would be very difficult to achieve it. When a man loses any hope, then he must depend on our merciful God and on our faith”. Empowered by his great faith Dalic pointed out that “I always carry a rosary with me” and “when I feel that I am going through a difficult time I put my hand in my pocket, I cling to it and then everything is easier.”

We need more people like Zlatko Dalic praying the Rosary daily! Keep it up Zlatko!

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