Lectures and Conference on Resilience

The Faculty of Theology in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Malta and St John’s CoCathedral and Museum Valletta Foundation are organising an International Conference on “Resilience in a Troubled World” on 7-9 November 2018. More info, can be accessed here.

On the 7th of November, there is the opening lecture on “Resilience in an Age of Uncertainty” by Professor Tomáš Halík (a Templeton Prize-winner, Professor of Sociology and a close collaborator of the then Czech President Václav Havel). This will take place at The Oratory in Saint John’s Co-Cathedral at 18.30.

On Thursday 8 November and Friday 9 November 2018, there will be five panels of distinguished and junior speakers from Malta; Italy; the United States of America; Ireland; Johannesburg, Africa; Netherlands; Spain; Czechia and Poland. The venue for the two full days is at the Valletta Campus. All speakers can be found here. Find the full programme here.

The Concluding Lecture (on the 9th) will be delivered by Professors Eamonn Conway and Kerry Greer on ”The Commodification of Resilience” at 1830 hrs at the Valletta Campus.

Should you be interested to attend one of the lectures, kindly inform our faculty officer: Ms Gillian Cachia.

Rev. Dr John Berry

See posters:


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