This Christmas… make peace with your neighbour

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Monthly Reflection December 2018  ‘This Christmas… make peace with your neighbour’

Another year has nearly ended. Another Christmas has come. Many people will make their wishes hoping that they come true.

Christmas… the day to remember of baby Jesus who was born to bring peace to the world… baby Jesus who was sent by His Father to bring Salvation to all generations. How I wish that this truth is accepted by all people, lived by all, so that peace may really reign.

Christmas… what a lovely gift we can be to one another, to forgive the hurts caused by our neighbours, who could be my family members, work mates, parishioners, friends… how it would be lovely to forgive and make peace. This Christmas give this special gift to others… forgive and make peace.

World leaders, seek what is best for humanity, make this Christmas an occasion of peace with neighbouring countries. Let this day of Christmas be all year round, so all nations would live in peace.

People from all nations, people with different languages, make this Christmas a special Christmas which you would remember for the rest of your lives. Make peace and help those whom you have been in dispute. Let the love of Jesus penetrates your hearts, your being, so that peace may really be part of your life.

This is my humble message to all. This Christmas… make peace with your neighbour.

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In Peace and Unity,

George Calleja (Christian Author)


Please note that since June 2012 I have been publishing this ‘Monthly Reflection’ with the aim to increase the faith of people and to help people from all over the world to experience Jesus in a personal way. I am really glad that you join this initiative and further share this Good News.

God Bless you.

078 – December 2018 – ‘This Christmas… make peace with your neighbour

December 2018


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