O Admirabile Commercium

Days before Christmas I have been hugely graced by a retreat I joyfully attended. The retreat was led by the Maltese Society of Patristics.

In the input, fluently given by Rev. Prof. Hector Scerri, I was struck by the Latin phrase he used: O Admirabile Commercium. Obviously, the latter term has nothing to do with economics at all! In fact, this theological term focuses on that meeting when the heavenly realities meet the earthly ones. St John Chrysostom’s eleventh homily on the Gospel of John precisely deals at some length with this point when it says: Continue reading O Admirabile Commercium

The Christmas Octave  

Now that we have joyfully celebrated the solemnity of Christmas doesn’t mean that the Christmas celebrations are over. As Archbishop Mgr Charles Scicluna rightly appealed in his message Christmas message, “we continue to rejoice not only during this Holy Night of Christmas and on Christmas Day but also for the following 12 days”. Continue reading The Christmas Octave