Joy is to be shared

In a much-applauded speech I heard that joy has to be ‘controlled’. This comment really saddened me simply because it is blatantly untrue. Joy is there to be shared and not to be controlled. Joy is to be shared because, as the prayer of St. Francis rightly says: Lord make me an instrument of your peace, … where there is sadness, let me sow joy. Continue reading Joy is to be shared

€687,795 miġbura waqt il-maratona tal-volleyball b’risq id-Dar tal-Providenza

687,795 inġabru waqt il-ħdax-il edizzjoni tal-maratona ta’ volleyball b’risq id-Dar tal-Providenza li saret bejn il-Ġimgħa 5 u l-Ħadd 7 ta’ Lulju 2019 fil-parkeġġ tad-Dar fis-Siġġiewi. Din is-somma tinkludi €378,226 li nġabru waqt l-edizzjoni speċjali tal-programm Xarabank tat-28 ta’ Ġunju fuq TVM. Continue reading €687,795 miġbura waqt il-maratona tal-volleyball b’risq id-Dar tal-Providenza

‘I am not ashamed’

A short reflection by George Calleja

Following Jesus in my life has been the most important decision I have taken. It was a decision that I needed to take in a time when I was passing through spiritual dryness in my life. Although this spiritual dryness was a difficult time to live, it brought me closer to God… to the loving Father. After all, I was in search and seeking for the truth… ‘What is life all about?’. Continue reading ‘I am not ashamed’