‘I am not ashamed’

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A short reflection by George Calleja

Following Jesus in my life has been the most important decision I have taken. It was a decision that I needed to take in a time when I was passing through spiritual dryness in my life. Although this spiritual dryness was a difficult time to live, it brought me closer to God… to the loving Father. After all, I was in search and seeking for the truth… ‘What is life all about?’.

Ever since I decided to follow Jesus, to commit my life to Him, to change my life, to be formed in my faith and to evangelize, Christ has always strengthened me in my faith and provided the required grace to overcome any other kind of spiritual dryness. In today’s society it is not easy to proclaim the truth and speak out about my faith and what the risen Lord has done in my life. It does not matter for me what unbelievers think about me… or for those who have a different opinion from me with regards to morality, ethics, values etc. I am a Christian and I proclaim what Christ teaches and I am not ashamed at all for following Jesus.

What is important for me is that while I continue to deepen my faith in the love of God and continue to have this personal experience with Jesus… in the same time I try to also share His love to other people. Of course, such Good News is not always well received or not received at all by certain people… but I have experienced that the Good News, after all is far more received by people.

Whenever a person decides to follow Christ, one is not to be ashamed. I am not ashamed of following Christ… and I hope that neither are you.

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