‘What makes us fulfilled?’

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Short reflection by George Calleja

In the past months, many friends of mine have faced difficult times in their lives. Some had a relative who passed away, others experienced problems in their marriage, some faced health difficulties, such as undergoing a major operation. These situations made me wonder about life. I did pray for each and everyone involved in these difficult situations, but when I reflected upon life, a question came to my mind… What makes us fulfilled?

All these friends of mine who were passing through difficult times were different in character, came from different social backgrounds, were in different financial situations and were different in the way they appreciated life… but the common thing they shared was that they were passing through a difficult time. These friends each had a different cross to carry. Were they carrying the cross? Did they accept their cross?

fulfillmentSo, what makes us fulfilled in life? Is it our financial stability? Is it our family? Maybe our work… or our friends? When we face a difficult situation in life… that is when a cross is in our lives… do we carry it? What makes us carry a cross… or what makes us not carry a cross?

In my experience, and also in the experience of others who have accepted to carry the cross in their lives, what makes us fulfilled in life is Jesus. Jesus who died on the cross for each and every one. Jesus who showed us how to carry a cross, through the Love of the Holy Trinity.

Jesus makes us fulfilled… He helps us to carry any cross… by believing and having faith in the Holy Trinity.

Are you fulfilled in your life?

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