Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted’

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The Second Beatitude: Blessed are those who mourn

Who are those who mourn? Why will they be comforted?

Those who mourn’ refers to those people who are spiritually sorrowful. These are the people who grieve over their own sins, who grieve over the sins of others. These people have realised their sin, have understood their mistakes, have asked for forgiveness. These people might be still bearing the consequence of sin, maybe because they are in prison, or separated from their families, or without a job; but despite this situation, they yearn for the joys and peace of heaven.

People who have been released from sin are glad to have been saved by Him, that is, to have received the salvation from Jesus. They mourn for they do not want to fall back to sin, but they want to continue living in the path of His salvation. These people have realised that there is no fulfilment when living in sin….

These people are humble, they fully recognise His salvation over sin, but still have to live in this world bearing the consequence of sin, knowing, however, that the consequence of their sin will not be eternal, as in heaven there is only joy and peace through being in the presence of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

Where do you stand in your life… are you spiritually sorrowful? Do you grieve over your sins? Have you recognised His salvation over your sins?

for they will be comforted.

People who recognise their sins, and mourn over them, will be comforted by Him… comforted in a personal way by Jesus. This is the gift from Him for whoever mourns over his sins… to receive the comfort from Jesus, the comfort of a loving merciful Father. The loving Father always opens His arms to receive a redeemed person and welcomes him back to be comforted.

This comfort is the result of the Father welcoming back the lost sheep, welcoming back the person who was astray in sin, who deserted the family and friends, who was living a life of sin. The Father’s comfort will give the fallen person the joy and peace of salvation, and at the same time gives the person the strength to bear the consequence of his sin on earth.

The comfort received by the person, will give him the strength not to look back in life, but to look forward. This comfort will help the person to live each present moment by loving the neighbour, doing acts of love by being Jesus to others. This spiritual comfort from the Father will embrace the person and will give him the spiritual strength he needs to grow in his faith, to stay on the road to follow Jesus, and to be a witness to others of His love and comfort.

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(this reflection is taken from my Christian Book ‘The Beatitudes… the blessings from the Sermon on the Mount’)

By Christian Author George Calleja

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