Dominican Sisters in Pakistan – among the poorest of the poor

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Sr Rachele Agius O.P., a Dominican Sister of Malta missionary in Pakistan shared with us a few daily situations:

‘The mother left her son when he was just two years old. The father used to close this young child in the house together the younger sister for the whole day so that he goes for work.  A person informed us of the situation so we brought the children to our Home. We cared for them. Today these children are happy studying and receiving education in our school.

Living with us there are many children coming from needy families.  They bring tears to our eyes. Last month, the Sisters of Mother Teresa brought us a group of children.. homeless children living in the streets. They have no family. We are caring for these poor children.  Lately, several children came in our Homes.. boys and girls, many of them sick with skin disease. For a long time, I medicated them with ointment, lotion, and other medicine.

Some families are just thrown out in the streets by the owner of the home as they are do not have money to pay the rent.

A mother was ill-treated by the husband so she left the children alone on the road and left them homeless.

Please pray for us that the Lord give us help to continue our mission with the poorest of the poor.’

Sr Rachele Agius O.P.

Dear All, let us continue to pray and thank God for the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Malta. Should anyone like to offer a donation towards the Dominican Sisters of Malta missionaries in Pakistan, please send a money order to:

Mother Gerneral Sr Carmelita Borg OP
Dominican Sisters of Malta
71 Alessandro Curmy Street
Rabat  RBT 2652

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