This Christmas… reconcile with your neighbour

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Soon we shall be celebrating Christmas once again. The meaning of Christmas is to recognize the birth of Jesus as the Saviour. Jesus, the Son of God, who brought Salvation through His Death and Resurrection, today is calling you to reconcile with your neighbor.

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George Calleja – Christian Author

It would be such a wonderful Christmas, if each one of us would really accept this invitation to make peace with our neighbor, to make reconciliation possible through Jesus. This for sure would make Christmas a very important day to remember. A day that upon accepting Jesus in one’s life, reconciliation with your neighbor was possible. What a great day this would be to celebrate!

Be encouraged, trust in Him, and seek His love and grace, and make reconciliation with your neighbor. Through reconciliation with your neighbor, peace will reign in your heart and in your neighbors heart.

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas.

God Bless You

George Calleja (Christian Author)

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Author: Joe Farrugia

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