Always trust in Jesus

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On many occasions in my life I have heard people saying to me ‘trust in Jesus’. But what does it really mean to trust in Jesus?

unnamedWhat I have learnt through my life experience and also through my faith in God, is that I have to trust in Jesus because He is the Savior. I am always to remember that by Jesus dying on the cross He brought Salvation to all mankind. He died because of loving each and everyone of mankind, because He loves us all, because He loves me in a personal way.

So, for me, what Jesus did by dying on the cross, and eventually that on the third day He was risen from His death and went to heaven, strengthen my faith to trust in Jesus. Through His Salvation, by committing myself to Jesus, I have experienced of knowing Jesus in a personal way, of understanding that the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit loves me tremendously.

This experience has deeply strengthened my faith, made me a free person, as I follow Him as a disciple to be another Jesus to others. I know that in every difficult moment in my life, He is there beside me, guiding me, and encouraging me to take up every challenge I face in life, by trusting Him.

As what John wrote in 14:1, that Jesus said “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me”

God Bless You

George Calleja (Christian Author)
March 2020

Author: Joe Farrugia

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