Gardening with God – Retreat

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Gardens have an important place in the Bible. Life started in a garden, Jesus accepted His passion in a garden and Mary Magdalene met the resurrected Jesus in a garden. The garden too is used as an image for our life of faith. Just as gardens go through seasons, at one moment they are in full bloom, at another they are bare, so too our faith. Which season is your faith in at the moment? Does it need some looking after for it to blossom again?  

Come and join us for a day of reflection. Artist John Martin Borg will join us to offer a meditation on one of his works of art featuring the metaphor of the garden in Scripture.  We shall have time for input sessions, and personal and shared prayer.  And … we will be planting freesia in Mount St Joseph’s Garden. 

Saturday 1st October 2022     |    09.00 -16.30 

Guides:  Marion Agius & Maria Theresa Portelli 

@ Mount St Joseph Retreat House, Mosta 

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