Aid to the Church in Need

Il-Missjoni tal-Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) hija dik li permezz tat-Talb, l-Informazzjoni u l-Azzjoni tkun tista’ tgħin il-Knisja speċjalment f’dawk il-pajjiżi fejn l-Insara huma persegwitati u qed isofru.

Il-vidjos u l-messaġġi tal-ACN li ssib hawn taħt jistgħu jgħinnuk tissieħeb inti wkoll f’din il-Missjoni tagħhom, li wara kollox hija l-missjoni tagħna lkoll.

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Rev. Mgr Prof Hector Scerri on the occasion of the 6th Anniversary of ACN (Malta). May 2020.

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Please help us offer hope and healing for Sri Lanka’s Christians. Apr 2020.

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Support a seminarian training for the priesthood in the world’s poorest dioceses. Apr 2020.

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Please help us provide children in Syria with milk for one month! Mar2020.

ACN (Malta) – Mument ta’ Riflessjoni (31.3.2020). Mar 2020.

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ACN (Malta) – Mument ta’ Riflessjoni (24.3.2020). Mar 2020.

ACN (Malta) – Mument ta’ Riflessjoni. (23.3.2020). Mar 2020.

ACN is helping to rebuild Batnaya, Iraq. Mar 2020.

The story of a modern day martyr. Mar 2020.

ACN’s life-saving mission in Venezuela. Feb 2020.

Cardinal Dieudonne Nzapalainga blesses motorbikes financed by ACN. Feb 2020.

“Our presence here is a great gift” Feb 2020.

“One of the most admirable men I have ever met” Feb 2020.

Burkina Faso: Thousands of Christians forced to flee because of their faith. Jan 2020.

A house for migrants built with the help of ACN. Jan 2020.

Pray for peace in Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali. Jan 2020.

“Thank you for what you do” Jan 2020.

Description of main fields of work and support of ACN. Jan 2020.

Venezuela needs our help. Dec 2019.

Help a Refugee in Uganda. Dec 2019.

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Despite suffering an persecution, Indian Christians are standing in faith. Oct 2019.

We are all missionaries. Oct 2019.

“I am doing everything for Him” Oct 2019.

Icon blessed by Pope brings hope to streets of Syria. Oct 2019.

Many Christians are dying for the right to practice their faith. Oct 2019.

ACN supports the Sisters of Maria Morning Star. Sep 2019.

ACN Prayer Campaign for Syria “Console My People”. Sep 2019.

My vocation is the Lord. Sep 2019.

ACN supports the very important project of youth formation. Sep 2019.

Mgr Oliver Doeme of Maiduguri Diocese, Nigeria – “A Miracle Church”. Aug 2019.

August 22 First UN World day for victims of religious persecution. Aug 2019.

Pope Francis blesses 6000 Rosaries for Syria. Aug 2019.

Holy mass at the St. Sebastian’s Church, Katuwapitiya, Negombo. Aug 2019.

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Christian Persecution in Nigeria. May 2019

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Syrian Christians rebuilding their lives on Jesus, The Rock. Feb 2019

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Our Lady Of Arabia. Jan 2019

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Pope lights candles for Syria. Dec 2018

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One Million Children. Oct 2018

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Ethiopia Priests on the border. Jul 2018

Marc Fromager – Can Christianity survive persecution in the Middle. July 2018

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India Thank you ACN. Jun 2018

India Catholic faith liberates. Jun 2018

Prayer on North Korean soil. May 2018

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Why I decided to become a missionary. Apr 2018

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Iraqi refugee children receive Christmas presents from ACN. Dec 2017

Fr. Firas Lutfi thanks the people of Malta and Gozo for their support for his Nation’s cause. Nov 2017

Malta launch -Persecuted and Forgotten? 2015 – 2017. Nov 2017

After 3 years living as IDPs in their own country, Teleskuf Christians want to return home. Nov 2017

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