Carmelite Studies

PowerPoint presentations about the Carmelite Order, its history and spirituality.

  1. The First Statue of Our Lady of Mount
  2. A Cathechesis on the Brown Scapular
  3. Carmelite Early History
  4. Carmelite miracles describing the Brothers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  5. Could Carmelite Spirituality be Curative
  6. Interpreting the scapular from a Theological point of view
  7. Scapular Practical Considerations
  8. Scapular Symbolism
  9. Stories of the Brown Scapular
  10. The Contribution of the Carmelites to the Concept
  11. The Origins and Date of The Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  12. The Sabbatine Privilege
  13. The Story of The Scapular Vision
  14. What the popes have written about the Brown Scapular
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