Is it possible to have political Christian action?


A few months ago, Pope Francis stated that we cannot improve our political landscape
by observing and judging from afar: it requires personal involvement, which should
always be done in a spirit of charity and helpfulness. “Try to act personally instead of
just looking and criticizing the work of others from the balcony,” the Pope said during
a pastoral visit to Cesena in October 2017. The Pope continued: “The authentic face
of politics and its reason for being is an invaluable service to the good of the whole
community. And that is why the Church’s social doctrine regards it as a noble form of
charity […] I invite you to consider the nobility of political action in the name and favour
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Seminar: Alla jghin fil-ħajja tal-koppja?

Il-Kummissjoni Djoċesana Familja tad-Djoċesi ta’ Għawdex qed torganizza laqgħa ta’ formazzjoni bis-suġġett: Alla jghin fil-ħajja tal-koppja? Il-laqgħa ser tinżamm fl-Istitut tal-Familja, nhar il-Ġimgħa 27 ta’ April bejn is-7.30pm u t-8.30pm u ser titmexxa minn Moira Galea BSc, MA (Family Therapy). Mistednin il-koppji kollha, gharajjes u mizzewgin. Ikun hemm min jieħu ħsieb it-tfal.
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