Monthly Reflection – February 2018 – ‘Draw your strength from His love’

Newsletter by George Calleja (Christian Author) – No. 68

In today’s world one hears a lot of people who are not at peace with their lives. For different reasons they struggle to find happiness, to be happy, to appreciate of what they have… their lives seem to be falling apart. Continue reading “Monthly Reflection – February 2018 – ‘Draw your strength from His love’”

‘Know that He loves you’

Short Reflection by George Calleja

Reading this reflection might not take long for you.  In two minutes, the most, you are able to read it.  It is very easy to understand, but it might be a bit challenging, or very challenging!  You might not need to be a very knowledgeable person, for this reflection will address your heart!  Just a simple question… ‘Do you know that He loves you?’
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