Increasing my Faith

Short Reflection by George Calleja

What is Faith all about? Is it possible in today’s world to have Faith? Many people argue that Faith is outdated, old fashioned, not for the young people and so on.

Faith can never be outdated, old fashioned and so on. Having Faith is possible. Having Faith makes a person complete, makes the person whole. A person having Faith, is a person being spiritual close to God. Continue reading “Increasing my Faith”

The Cross… is the way to Salvation

Monthly reflection by George Calleja. March 2018

Every person carries a different cross in life. This cross can easily burden a person’s life. For certain people the cross means only something negative such as a particular experience, loss of a dear family member or friend, being homeless, being a sick person, being a drug addict.
The cross in itself is not something pleasant to have and live with. The cross has another dimension in it which every person needs to discover. The Cross… is the way to Salvation. Jesus died on the Cross to bring Salvation to all people, to all nations.
Continue reading “The Cross… is the way to Salvation”

Latest News from George Calleja (Christian Author)

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Being Jesus to others

Short Reflection by George Calleja
Recently, I was thinking about the many persons I know who have still not experienced Jesus in their personal life. There could be many reasons why these persons have still not experienced Jesus in their lives. Maybe their family upbringing did not allow them to know Jesus in their lives. Maybe they were influenced by their friends who did not live the Gospel but sought different negative adventures which life offers when being away from Christ. Continue reading “Being Jesus to others”

Monthly Reflection – February 2018 – ‘Draw your strength from His love’

Newsletter by George Calleja (Christian Author) – No. 68

In today’s world one hears a lot of people who are not at peace with their lives. For different reasons they struggle to find happiness, to be happy, to appreciate of what they have… their lives seem to be falling apart. Continue reading “Monthly Reflection – February 2018 – ‘Draw your strength from His love’”