L-Isqof Awżiljarju elett intervistat minn The Malta Independent

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Il-Ġimgħa, 20 ta’ Lulju 2018: L-Isqof Awżiljarju elett intervistat minn The Malta Independent.


Human life has to always be cherished, whether it is in the form of eight cells in the womb, or in the form of a person in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, said Auxiliary Bishop Elect Joseph Galea-Curmi on the Malta Independent’s online interview programme Indepth.

Interviewed by The Malta Independent Editor-in-Chief Rachel Attard, Galea-Curmi appealed that just because a people were coming from African countries, we should never speak of them as if they were “a piece of furniture” as opposed to being humans. “That is a terrible thing”, Mgr. Galea-Curmi said.

The Pope himself has been very clear, Mgr Galea-Curmi explained, saying that people must have a “strong and passionate voice” on both issues involving the bio-ethical considerations on life, such as IVF, and also on those who are seeking shelter in other countries, those in the Mediterranean and those who are facing poverty and are hence unable to live a decent life.

That being said, Mgr. Galea-Curmi also emphasised that other countries must also be ready to take on their own responsibilities and put in their share of work with regards to this issue; “they need to play their part through burden sharing, if it can even be called a burden, in alleviating the difficulties that these people are finding themselves face to face with.”

Speaking about the Church’s need to connect further with the average person, Galea-Curmi also mentioned that he would be joining the ranks of social media in the coming days, with the aim of fostering a better connection between himself and society.

Joseph Galea-Curmi is the Auxiliary Bishop elect, and will be officially taking on the new role after an Episcopal ordination at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Mdina on 4 August at 7pm.

Click here to watch the full interview with the Auxiliary Bishop-elect.

Source: The Malta Independent

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