‘I am not ashamed’

A short reflection by George Calleja

Following Jesus in my life has been the most important decision I have taken. It was a decision that I needed to take in a time when I was passing through spiritual dryness in my life. Although this spiritual dryness was a difficult time to live, it brought me closer to God… to the loving Father. After all, I was in search and seeking for the truth… ‘What is life all about?’. Continue reading “‘I am not ashamed’”

Respect for the Human Person

The ‘Catechism of the Catholic Church’ paragraphs 1929 to 1933, refers to ‘Respect for the Human Person’. These paragraphs form part of Article 3 regarding ‘Social Justice’. I wonder what comes to your mind concerning respect for the human person? For sure we listen to a lot of debates and news items concerning the issue of respect for the human person. One can listen and read various ideas of what does it really mean regarding respect for the human person. Continue reading “Respect for the Human Person”

The YES entails a life of prayer

Monthly Reflection May 2019 by George Calleja

A life of prayer… is the foundation of all that is required to come to the point of saying ‘Yes’ to follow Him. It is important for a Christian to understand this: it is only through a life of prayer that one is able to have the courage, the faith, and the trust in God for whatever calling He has for you; to come to a point in life of proclaiming that ‘Yes’. I encourage all Christians, of whatever denomination or church they belong to, to practice more fervently their life of prayer. Continue reading “The YES entails a life of prayer”