I am not ashamed

Monthly Reflection May 2018  ‘I am not ashamed’

Following Jesus in my life has been the most important decision I have taken. It was a decision that I needed to take in a time when I was passing through spiritual dryness in my life. Although this spiritual dryness was a difficult time to live, it brought me closer to God… to the loving Father. After all, I was in search and seeking for the truth… ‘What is life all about?’. Continue reading “I am not ashamed”

Being a Merciful Person

Short Reflection by George Calleja

Mercy. Being a merciful person is the ultimate key to taste and see that the Lord is good. What does it mean to be a merciful person? A merciful person is one who has compassion for his neighbour. Compassion for your neighbour means to be one with the person by recognising his needs, and to do your utmost to help him in the particular needs of his life. Continue reading “Being a Merciful Person”

Monthly Reflection for April 2018 – ‘Who is really poor?

By Christian Author George Calleja

Greetings to you all.

It is a pleasure for me to share with you my ‘Monthly Reflection for April 2018 – Who is really poor?’ which is also available through the website ‘Peace and unity in our lives’ with the address as:-    Newsletter April 2018 – ‘Who is really poor’

Continue reading “Monthly Reflection for April 2018 – ‘Who is really poor?”

Increasing my Faith

Short Reflection by George Calleja

What is Faith all about? Is it possible in today’s world to have Faith? Many people argue that Faith is outdated, old fashioned, not for the young people and so on.

Faith can never be outdated, old fashioned and so on. Having Faith is possible. Having Faith makes a person complete, makes the person whole. A person having Faith, is a person being spiritual close to God. Continue reading “Increasing my Faith”

‘Be strong when life is hard’

Short Reflection by George Calleja

Life is not easy to live. Everyone has his own experience of life. At times it is difficult to make things end due to financial problems. We might be living in difficult situations due to health problems, a broken marriage, being unemployed, or for other reasons. Yes, life could be hard to live. Continue reading “‘Be strong when life is hard’”

The Cross… is the way to Salvation

Monthly reflection by George Calleja. March 2018

Every person carries a different cross in life. This cross can easily burden a person’s life. For certain people the cross means only something negative such as a particular experience, loss of a dear family member or friend, being homeless, being a sick person, being a drug addict.
The cross in itself is not something pleasant to have and live with. The cross has another dimension in it which every person needs to discover. The Cross… is the way to Salvation. Jesus died on the Cross to bring Salvation to all people, to all nations.
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