Love …

Monthly Reflection November 2018

Love. Most probably the word ‘love’ is the most used word throughout the different languages. The word ‘love’ is used in different occasions to describe something we like, such as,… I love my country, I love football, I love cooking… etc. For me as a Christian the word ‘love’ reminds me of how much Jesus loves each person. Jesus loved so much that He died on the cross for me, for you and for all the generations. Continue reading “Love …”

Respect for the Human Person’

Monthly Reflection by George Calleja (Christian Author)

The ‘Catechism of the Catholic Church’ paragraphs 1929 to 1933, refers to ‘Respect for the Human Person’. These paragraphs form part of Article 3 regarding ‘Social Justice’. I wonder what comes to your mind concerning respect for the human person? For sure we listen to a lot of debates and news items concerning the issue of respect for the human person. One can listen and read various ideas of what does it really mean regarding respect for the human person. Continue reading “Respect for the Human Person’”

Healing the wounds of the world

Short Reflection by George Calleja

How tragic it is to hear news about the different wars and terrorism taking place all over the world. Many innocent people die daily in these tragic situations. These are wounds that today’s society is burdened with, wounds that cripple humanity, impairing it from living in peace and harmony. Continue reading “Healing the wounds of the world”