Catholic Videos by True Light Catholic Media (TLCM)

True Light Catholic Media Foundation (VO/1466) , is an audio-visual media apostolate aimed at sharing the Catholic Faith in a way which is relevant to our times. Our mission is to create different eye catching videos, graphics, prints and more, in order to educate, inform, and spread the Gospel message and Catholic teaching far and wide!
TLCM is based in Malta, an island in the heart of the Mediterranean, which received the Good News directly from the lips of Saint Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles.

Our Story

After encountering the Lord in a profound way, both Kenneth and Gavin felt a strong desire to share His love and saving truth with others. This experience, combined with the awareness of how important and powerful the media is to get a message across in our day and age, began to stir the vision and mission of True Light Catholic Media.
With more than 8 years of media experience, Kenneth Fenech began putting his A/V editing, motion graphic, and visual design skills at the service of the Lord by creating short effective animated video clips on Social Media, which motivated him to dedicate more time to this project. Having received a treasure of formation over the years through online Catholic media sources, Gavin Muscat discovered a new found desire to use the media to share the light of Christ with the world. This led him to acquire a B.A degree in Theology and Communications from the University of Malta. When they met in late 2013, their eagerness to seek the Lord led them to a sincere friendship, not knowing that later on they would be teaming up and using the media to shed the True Light, who is Christ.

Videos by True Light Catholic Media …

  • Kumment Kattoliku … click
  • Fr John Vella ofm cap … click
  • KG Vox … click
  • New Age from an Exorcist’s Perspective … click
  • Id-Devozzjoni lejn il-Ħniena Divina … click
  • Others … click
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