Children are to know and experience Jesus

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Knowing and experiencing Jesus in one’s life is of utmost importance for a person. I have witnessed this in my own life, through many people of different ages and cultures I have met, and who are interested to know Christ in a personal way and to follow Him through their life. Jesus is the source of life, who comforts, heals and above all, who paved the way to Salvation through dying on the Cross and the resurrection.

This truth is to be known and experienced by all humanity, even children. Today’s children are the future adults of tomorrow’s humanity. Tomorrow’s society is based on what children learn today. Teaching children to know Jesus and experience Him in a personal way, paves the way for a better society in the future.

Adults need to feel responsible for teaching children about Jesus and to help them experience Him in their life even from their young and tender age.

God Bless You

George Calleja (Christian Author)

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