Monthly Reflection – February 2018 – ‘Draw your strength from His love’

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Newsletter by George Calleja (Christian Author) – No. 68

In today’s world one hears a lot of people who are not at peace with their lives. For different reasons they struggle to find happiness, to be happy, to appreciate of what they have… their lives seem to be falling apart.

It is unfortunate what these people pass through and how difficult their lives could be. These people need to know of a reality which they might have missed in their lives… an opportunity to really be a happy person, to be able to appreciate the things which one has and above all to live a life in peace.

From my experience, I describe life in four simple words… ‘To be with Jesus’. Since I have been with Jesus, that is of changing my life and following Him… my life has become different.

Like anyone else, I do face different problems in life, but the fact that I am with Jesus, I have built this personal relationship with Him, while the problems of life are overcome through His cross. In return I experience happiness, peace and appreciate everything in life, even when facing different problems and difficulties.

The secret to be with Jesus, is that every day I draw my strength through His love. This is achieved through prayer, listening to His Word, receiving the Eucharist, meditating upon His Word, and above all by loving my neighbour.

So, let go of all the worldly things. Follow Him and draw your strength through His Love.

George Calleja


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Forthcoming New Books by George Calleja

As you are aware, at the moment I am concentrating my writings on the next Christian book titled ‘In His Image’. I am really enjoying writing this book, as I am appreciating the love of the Father for every person. It is planned that I will publish this book around May 2018. Writing this book is helping me to know God in a more personal way.

In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy reading my previous books, especially my last published Christian book titled ‘Spiritual Reflections’.

Thank you for everything… you are always in my prayers.


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