Run4Unity 2023

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Run4 Unity 2023 will take place on Saturday 6th May, from 3.00 to 6.00 pm at MCAST Paola.

This year Run4Unity is being organized by Focolare teens and MUSEUM boys. It is aimed at 9-16 years old.

Run4Unity is a worldwide “virtual” relay race which unites children and teens across ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds to bear witness to unity and peace and to promote a way to reach them: the Golden Rule. Participants will run, jog, walk, or participate in local sporting events, some held at venues symbolic of peace, at borders between countries or communities in conflict, or ecologically significant sites.

Sport activities will pause momentarily for the Time-Out,  a moment of silence followed by a prayer for peace.

The 2023 Run4Unity will focus on the theme: “People, Planet and our Ecological Conversion”. Participants will care for the Earth having their km of run or mins of exercise exchanged for trees to be planted here in Malta.

Please find below a short clip which presents Run4Unity 2023 and the flyer which includes the registration form and the consent form to be downloaded, filled out and signed by parents. 

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