The Crib: message of fraternity and solidarity

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Fr Mario Attard OFM Cap

On December 9 Pope Francis received in audience the delegation from Malta and Trentino for the gift of the Crib and Christmas Tree that is now set up in Saint Peter’s Square.

After thanking the bishops and the government of Malta who donated and constructed the crib, which is the work of Gozitan artist Manwel Grech, the Pope commented on the representation “of the ‘luzzu,’ typical Maltese boat”, represented in this year’s Crib”. The Luzzu, the Pope says, “recalls the sad and tragic reality of migrants on barges directed to Italy.” The Holy Father added that “all those who will visit this Crib will be invited to rediscover its symbolic value, which is a message of fraternity, of sharing, of hospitality and of solidarity”. Like the other Cribs this crib is “an invitation to make room in our life and in society for God, hidden in the face of many persons who are in conditions of hardship, of poverty and of tribulation.”

Lord, help me be a brother and a sister to those who are in need. Amen.

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