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A short note to invite your members to something quite unique:  to participate in an AD HOC choir which will be dissolved into the crowd during a two-hour programme of hymn singing.

The plan is:  Singers from all over MALTA will  learn how to sing 12 classic Hymns … in Maltese!  Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants .. and all sort of Christians are invited to three events within 6 days as follows:

SATURDAY, 8th June at 10:00 am:
Learning Session:  St Andrews’ Scots Church

THURSDAY, 13th June at  6:30 pm:
Dress Rehearsal at St Aloysius College BIRKIRKARA

FRIDAY, 14th June  at 6:30 pm:
A CELEBRATION OF SONGS, where each member of  the “choir” merge with the congregation to  become simply a  catalyst to encourage all others to sing their heart out.

The vision is to get enthusiastic about singing time-tested hymns which so far were sung in English but now are available in Maltese.  It will also bring out the spirituality behind great lyrics.

The programme will be led by Methodist Minister Rev. Kim Hurst and Catholic lay leader Mr Philip Leone Ganado.

We look forward to have some of your esteemed choir members  to come and be part of this multi-cultural trans-denominational experiment.

The very hymns that we will be singing may be found through this link …


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