Trusting Him in my life

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A Short reflection by George Calleja

Trusting Jesus in our life might seem for certain people that it is beyond oneself. One might have many questions how this is done, if it is possible! Over the years I have personally lived the experience of trusting Jesus in every day of my life.

The turning point in my life of trusting Jesus was when around 27 years ago I felt the calling to be a missionary, that is to evangelise God’s love to the nations. It was a challenge to let go of my securities in life, my parents, my work, my friends etc. But in Him, when I turned to Him and told Him you have to take care of all my needs, since that particular day I have experienced His constant love to me. He took care of me in a personal loving way.

This personal care I experienced was not only during my time as a missionary, but also in the following years in my married life. He continued to take care of me and my family. This was possible by totally trusting my life to Him, through prayer, building this personal relationship with Him, and by loving my neighbour.

My experience is a challenge for each of you, that you can also do it, and live a life through His daily personal care for you. A life that whatever the days are if ‘rainy or sunny’ you know that He is always there by your side, in Love.

Believe me, trust your life to Him.

In peace and unity,

George Calleja

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