Home > Arċisqof Charles J. Scicluna. 2018 > Il-messaġġ tal-Arċisqof għall-Ġimgħa ta’ Talb għall-Għaqda fost l-Insara 2018

Il-messaġġ tal-Arċisqof għall-Ġimgħa ta’ Talb għall-Għaqda fost l-Insara 2018

Il‑Ġimgħa, 19 ta’ Jannar 2018: fis‑6:30 p.m., Monsinjur Arċisqof mexxa Servizz Ekumeniku Djoċesan fil‑Bażilika tat‑Twelid tal‑Verġni Marija, fl‑Isla.


The message of Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna – In the Basilica of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, Senglea

Dear friends in Christ, as we gather for this service of prayer for unity, we thank God for our Christian heritage and for his liberating and saving actions in human history.

The resources for this year’s week of prayer for Christian unity have been prepared by the Churches in the Caribbean. The history of Christianity in that region contain a paradox. On one hand the Bible was used by colonisers as a justification for the subjugation of the original inhabitants of these lands along with others who were transported from Africa, India and China. Many people suffered extermination, were put in chains and enslaved and were subjected to unjust labour conditions. On the other hand the Bible became a source of consolation and liberation for many who suffered at the hands of the colonisers.

Today the Bible continues to be a source of consolation and liberation inspiring the Christians on the Caribbean to address the conditions that currently undermine human dignity and the quality of life. As the iron chains of enslavement fall from our hands, a new human bond of love and communion emerges in the human family expressing the unity prayed for by our Christian community.

With the Christians of the Caribbean let us call upon the Holy Spirit to set our hearts on fire as we pray for the unity of the Church.

Unite your servants in the bond of unity. Come Holy Spirit.

Teach us to pray. Come Holy Spirit.

Liberate us from the slavery of sin. Cone Holy Spirit.

Help us in our weakness. Come Holy Spirit.

Restore us as your children. Come Holy Spirit.

✠ Charles J. Scicluna
Archbishop of Malta

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