Be Encouraged

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Short reflection by George Calleja (Christian Author)

Over the years I have met many people who feel that they are not worthy of God’s love. For some reason, these people might have passed through a difficult experience in their lives, with the consequence of not experiencing Jesus in a personal way.

On many occasions over these years I remember these people and share a prayer for them. My simple prayer for these people is that they receive the grace from God, to turn to Him, and experience His Son Jesus in a personal way. All I want to say to these people is ‘Be encouraged’  for God loves you in a personal way.

Every person is worthy to be loved by God, to experience His love, to experience Jesus in a personal way. All sinners are to go to Jesus… that means all of us! Jesus is waiting for us to take us to the loving Father and be embraced by Him and feel His comfort… His forgiveness.

The reason for sharing this, is because I have experienced Jesus in a personal way, and He has accepted me as I am, He cleansed me, He moulded me and through Jesus I also experienced the Father, the Holy Spirit… the Trinity.

So, ‘Be encouraged’, let go of the past, let go of sin, and follow Jesus. I am sure you will not be disappointed… but will be a fulfilled person through His love.

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