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Todays life is very hectic. Everybody seems to be busy. We are hardly having any moments to rest, to be with our families, to devote time to help the people in need, to say a prayer, to pause for a moment and reflect upon life.

It is really good and encouraging, if each day we manage to pause for a moment and reflect upon life. During these moments, one might ask and reflect upon:

What have I done during the day?

Did I respect the people I have been with?

Did I love my neighbour?

Did I have time to be with my family?

Did I help the community I live in?

There are different questions one might ask when pausing for a moment and reflect upon life. One can ask many different questions to reflect upon. What is really important, is that during this moment of reflection, one turns to God and listen to His voice… in silence… and He will answer in one’s inner heart.

Have you paused for a moment today and reflected upon life?
God Bless YouGeorge Calleja (Christian Author)

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