Messaġġ mill-Arċisqof lill-Kardinal Vincent Nichols wara l-mewt tal-Kardinal Cormac Murphy O-Connor

Is-Sibt, 2 ta’ Settembru 2017: L-Arċisqof Charles J. Scicluna bagħat messaġġ ta’ kondoljanzi lill-Eminenza Tiegħu l-Kardinal Vincent Nichols, Arċisqof ta’ Westminster, wara li l-Ġimgħa, l-1 ta’ Settembru 2017, tħabbret il-mewt tal-Kardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, Arċisqof Emeritus ta’ Westminster. Huwa kellu 85 sena.


To His Eminence Cardinal Vincent Nichols
Archbishop of Westminster

Your Eminence, Dear Cardinal Vincent,

On hearing of the demise of his Eminence Cardinal Cormac, in my name and in the name of the Archdiocese of Malta, I would like to express our condolences to the Archdiocese of Westminster and to his family and friends.

We have lost a true friend on earth but we still have him as a good friend in the mystery of the Communion of Saints.

Requiescat in pace!

+ Charles J. Scicluna
Archbishop of Malta


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