To follow Jesus… is to be another Jesus

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How heartbreaking it is to know people who declare that they follow Jesus but are not being another Jesus in their life. It is really painful to witness this. Following Jesus requires to be another Jesus to your neighbour.

George Calleja

It makes no sense whenever a person’s lifestyle does not match with what the person declares of following Jesus. To follow Jesus and to be another Jesus must be witnessed in the lifestyle of the person.

It is useless for a person to declare of following Jesus… but accepts abortion, is not concerned about the need of his neighbour, is a racist, or does not forgive, besides other such negative examples one might be trapped in.

To follow Jesus, one is to have a personal relationship with Jesus, of being in silence and to listen to His voice, to comfort and listen to the needy, to share about Jesus through one’s actions, deeds and speech.

There is only one way to follow Jesus… that is to be another Jesus.

By Christian author George Calleja


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