The Prayer that changes everything : The hidden power of Prasing God

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By Stormie Omartian

When we praise God we take the focus from us and put it on Him. Praise draws us close to God and  communicate our love for Him. When we praise God we are the closet to Him as we could ever be. : And the truth is you become what you worship!. The more you worship God the more you become like Him. Psalm 22:3 says: “You live in the praises of His people!”.  That means every time we praise God His presence comes to dwell in our lives in greater measure – and the most amazing thing about this is – in His Presence things change always : Hearts change, minds change, attitudes change, lives change. You can count on it : every time you praise God something changes within you or your circumstances. That’s because it is impossible to touch the presence of God and there not be change. It is because you are coming in contact with all that God is and that will affect all that you are. That’s why praise is the prayer that changes everything.

praiseThe hidden power of praising God is that there are certain graces that God wants to give us and they only come into our lives as we worship Him. In fact when we worship Him it becomes the very means by which God pours Himself into us. And isn’t it just like that wonderful  that something that is all about Him to be the same that He uses to be our greatest blessings. God is all about changing us because He wants us to be more like Him and we become more like Him every time we worship Him. God wants us to make praise and worship a way of life everyday. : Our first reaction to everything good or bad – everything that happens in our lives. But so often we forget to praise God especially in the midst of tough times – the times when we most need to see change happens.

The reason those negative thoughts can get a hold on our minds is because we have not made praise and worship a way of life. The reason we don’t praise Him is that we don’t understand who He is or who God really is or we forget Him or we need to be reminded. In my book ‘The Prayer that changes everything’ I talk about the things that are always true about God no matter what is happening in our lives. These are things that we forget when times are difficult for  example : God is a Good God  but very often we know it in our mind but not in our heart. We don’t know it in our hearts when bad things happen. Therefore if you do believe that God is good you’ll never doubt it no matter what is going on and the only way that you believe that God is good is praising His Goodness. The more you praise God for His Goodnes the more you’ll see it manifested in your lives!  And that is the hidden power of praising God. Another thing we often forget about God is that He is all powerful. When we feel weakest if we praise Him as our own Mighty God then we will see His Power manifested in our daily lives and the most amazing thing about God is that He shares Himself with us. He even shares His Power. He gives us a way to do and to be and to do things we couldn’t do on our own. God doesn’t want us to live a life without power. He wants to empower us to live the life He has for us. In 2 Peter:1,3 says –“ His Divine Power has given to us all things that pertain to a life in godliness.” It says that by great and precious powers we may be partakes of His Divine nature. In other words by the power of the Spirit living in us and enabling us He gives us a way to become more like Him. And the most exciting thing about God being all powerful is that it means with God all things are possible. Knowing that makes you want to worship God  – the powerful God of the universe.

In fact the more you know about who God is the more you are unable to keep yourself from worshiping Him. Through praise and worship we open our hearts through which His love pours into our hearts. You can picture it like a funnel. This is used when you want to pour something greater into something smaller. And God pours Himself into us. He pours much of Himself as we can contain. Our praise and worship invites His Presence to come into our lives in a powerful way. And in the process it breaks down any strongholds of negative emotions that we have in our hearts: That is the hidden power of praising God.

So when you find the enemy of your soul trying to pull you away – when he tells you ‘You don’t have what it takes, you are too weak, you can’t do it…’– then praise God that He will renew your strength like the eagle – that when you are weak He is strong – that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. When things are going wrong – when things are going wrong in your lives praise God that He can make all things right. When you are weary and you can’t go on – praise God that He is your strength and when you have great need – praise God that He is your provider. When you are fearful praise God that He is your protector . When bad things happen praise God that He will bring good out of your situation  and when you feel overwhelmed by your circumstances praise God that He is the God of the impossible. When you make worship your first reaction to the things that happen it will transform you and your circumstances.

You were created to worship God. When you worship God He breaks the chains that imprison you. He lifts you above your circumstances and your limitations. He breathes life to the death areas of your existence. He transforms you. He redeems your situation. He fills your empty places. He liberates you from bondage. He takes away your fear and your doubt. He opens your heart so that He can pour into you His Power, His Love, His Joy. He changes your attitude when it is discontent to peace. I love that about Him. 1 Tes.18  says: ‘In everything give thanks for this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus for you !’ Every time you praise God you are doing His Will.  So whatever you are facing say  ‘I praise You God in the midst of this situation!’ and that will become the prayer that changes everything in your life.

Author: Joe Farrugia

Segretarjat għal-Lajċi.

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  1. Artiklu tajjeb u nteressanti. Grazzi u proset. Iva O Mulej, Int jixraqlek it-Tifhir tal-poplu tieghek ghaliex Int Alla twajjeb u mimli Hniena u Qdusija. Inberkuk, infahhruk u nadurawk O Alla setghani, kollok gherf u mhabba. Grazzi O Mulej li tant thobbna.

  2. Artiklu li nahseb ghandu jigi tradott bil Malti , Ir raguni hi jigi moqri mil Maltin kollha u mhux dawk li jafu bl ingliz biss . Mhux li kien niehdu it Tifhir lil Alla bis serjeta .Min esperjenza tieghi naf li fil qawwa Tifhir il presenza ta ‘Alla tinhass u tbieghed il qawwa tal ghadu taghna , Kif qrajt fl artiklu irid ikun parti mil ” life style ” taghna . Hu l Ispirtu Santu li jtina li nfahhru lil Mulej f’ kul cirkostanza tal hajja taghna , kif insibu fi Salmi .Grazzi u Prosit . Praise the Lord ! Hallelujah !

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