Are we communicating Peace and Unity?

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Monthly Reflection July 2018 by Christian Author George Calleja


Along the history of mankind, ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, peace and unity between neighbours, friends, family members, and between nations has always been an issue. Jesus, died on the cross and brought Salvation to all mankind. So, peace and unity is possible to reign if mankind truly loves one another… that is to love each neighbour.

It is up to each individual, to decide through his own actions, that peace and unity is communicated to another person. It is as simple as the domino effect. If one is standing strong in his faith, the other person shall also be strong. If we do acts of love to another person, teach the Word of God, preach the Good News… the other person shall also become stronger in his faith and in return will do the same.

On the other hand if a person is not strong in his faith, he will easily fall whenever temptations comes his way. A person who is not spiritual strong in his faith, who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus, who is not concerned about loving ones’ neighbour, will bring havoc to persons living around him… they will also fall like him.

So, are we communicating peace and unity to the people we are with? As God’s creation, is mankind seeking to know God in a personal way, and to share His love with other people? When promoting abortion, euthanasia, or the practicing of money laundering, fraud etc… are these communicating peace and unity in our societies throughout the world?

In my humble experience of life, to bring peace and unity throughout the nations is only possible if people of good will, communicate the love of God to other people. It is through His love that mankind can be fulfilled in his life, as it is only through His Son that Salvation is possible.

If we live in true peace and unity with our neighbours… we are on the right way for Salvation.

July 2018


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In Peace and Unity,

George Calleja (Christian Author)

Author: Joe Farrugia

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