The joy of helping your neighbour

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Short Reflection by George Calleja

It is a joy whenever I help my neighbour. The joy that comes from the love of God. The joy of serving others, of loving others, the joy which is possible through a relationship with Jesus.

What is this joy about? Why is it that whenever I help my neighbour I am joyful?

Whenever I help my neighbour I am doing it to Jesus. This is what this joy is about… of loving Jesus. It is true that at times it is not easy to love your neighbour, to help your neighbour. But when you do it for Jesus, it is possible, that results in a joyful experience and a peaceful moment.

Oh, how I would love to see other people love their neighbour. Oh, how I would love to see other people experience this joy. This joy that is there for you, is a gift from God for you to treasure, to live, to experience and to share with others.

The joy of helping your neighbour, is something you are to yearn for, it is the result of your love to Jesus. Jesus, who is waiting for you, to share this Joy with you, loves you dearly.

Go, and love your neighbour.


In peace and unity,

George Calleja

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