Open letter to Pope Francis

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Open letter to Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis,

Kindly permit me to express my heartfelt wishes to you on this happy occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the 21 September 1953, a day that Your Holiness has so often recalled as an important one for you. 

It was Monday, the first day of spring and students’ day in your country.  You were nearly seventeen years of age and were planning to attend students’ day festivities.  However soon it became evident to you that Someone, who had been awaiting you for so long, had made other plans.  A voice, which you heard only in your heart, invited you to enter San José de Flores parish church and to go to confession.  When, on that day, you accepted that invitation, it meant the end for your plans and the beginning for His. 

Today, on my behalf and I am sure also on behalf of all Christ’s faithful in our diocese, I would like to thank you that on that important day you uttered “yes” to the Lord. Thank you that all through the sixty years that have passed since that day, you have repeatedly renewed your “yes” with much love, courage and humility. Thank you because through all your “yeses”, Our Lord has today given his Church our beloved Pope Francis.

You continuously ask us to pray for you: that we certainly do and promise to keep on doing with more intensity and perseverance. We promise you our daily humble prayers, so that the Father Almighty will give you the wisdom to continue to discern His Will and the strength to fulfil it with much love, courage and humility.  We pray Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Word Incarnate; to continue to flow powerfully through your mouth, so that we, Christ’s faithful will be more enriched by Him though your words.  We pray that the Holy Spirit of God will continue pouring abundantly on you his Holy Oil by which you were consecrated to Him and by Him as Prophet, Priest and Shepherd of his flock.

We also pray that our Mother Church, who has given us birth on the day of our baptism, will continue to be One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. We pray that we, Christ’s faithful, shall also listen to His call and answer to it with love, courage and humility. We pray that the Holy Spirit will kindle in each and every one of us his Pentecostal flame that will make of us faithful disciples and fervent missionaries.

Holy Father, please keep on giving us the Word, that has made our hearts burn within us.  Pray for us so that the fervour that we all feel when we listen to your messages will not end up with our applause but that through us it will be transmitted to our families, to our communities and to the rest of society.

Dear Pope Francis, thank you for giving yourself to God and to us, His Church; but please do take care of your health.  God still needs you here and so do we.

On my behalf and on behalf of all the Christian Laity of the Church in Malta, I humbly ask for your paternal blessings.

Dear Pope Francis, Ad Multos Annos!

Joseph Farrugia

Archbishop’s Delegate for the Laity in Malta.

Monday, 16 September 2013.

11 thoughts on “Open letter to Pope Francis”

  1. Prosit ta’ dan il-ħsieb tant sabiħ, li tikteb din l-ittra ta’ apprazzament u ta’ kuraġġ lil maħbub tagħna Papa Franġisku. Qatt ma nistgħu ma nitolbux għalih dan il-Papa għax hu qatt ma jieqaf jibgħatilna tant messaġġi hekk prattiċi u diretti biex ikompli jmexxina fi triq tagħna nisranija. Allelulia!!!!

  2. Prosit Joe. Joghgobni s-suggeriment [ta’ Marianne] li dak inhar noffru t-talb taghna ghall-Papa.

  3. Thanks for posting this letter to our dear Pope Francis. You reminded us of a big day in his life & hence, in the life of our Church.

  4. verament ittra ta’ kuragg ghax wara kollox anke l-Papa ghanu bzonn is-support taghna. Kieku naghtu kas kliemu kieku fostna zgur li hawn aktar paci u mhabba. Nitolbu ghal xulxin.

  5. True, Peter, I agree, but our solidarity should be expressed mainly in our prayers for His Holiness. On Saturday, 21 September, being the 60th anniversary of his Vocation Day, we should offer masses, pray rosaries and fast (yes fast, why not?) for our Holy Father. Can we organise something in our parishes?

  6. Għażiż Joe,

    Niżżik Ħajr ta’ dik l-ittra li ktibt u bgħatt lill-Q.T. Papa Franġisku. Qed Niżżik Ħajr għax int ktibtha għan-nom tiegħi ukoll bħala wieħed mill-ħafna lajċi mpenjati fil-Ħidma tal-Knisja f’Malta. Bħala kummenti nikteb aktar tard.
    Ħuk fi Kristu,


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