Every person in every corner of the world is in need of evangelization

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Short Reflection by George Calleja

Do you know that the Gospel is to be spread all over the world… that is, to every person and in every corner of the world? The need to evangelize is immense. It is not only the people who have not heard of the Gospel that need to be evangelized, but also Christians that have left their faith, are lukewarm towards God. These Christians need to be re-evangelized, need to be reached in a new loving way.

Through evangelization, everybody is to be reached. Every person in the world must have the opportunity to be evangelized. God loves every person, and so every person deserves to know the Gospel, to know that God loves him in a personal way. There is no exception to this, there are no excuses that in certain areas and places evangelization could not take place. There are no exceptions, either, to skin colour or race… Everyone, everyone must have the opportunity to know about the Gospel and to know that God loves them.

So, who is going to evangelize these people? Every Christian that is baptised through the Holy Spirit is practically called and is responsible to evangelize. There is an opportunity to share about God’s love through our daily actions. We are to share His love at our work place, in our families, at our church gatherings, in the suburbs, to the prisoners, the sick, and so on. So, there are no excuses that as Christians we do not know who to evangelize, because the opportunity is always there… it all depends on whether we take up this challenge and do it out of His love for others. Evangelization is a vital aspect of a Christian’s life. If you do it in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, then you can be a living testimony, a witness of His love.

(This reflection is an extract from my book ‘Evangelization through social networking sites’)

In peace and unity,

George Calleja

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