Know Him in a personal way

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The following question is directed to your heart. Do you know Jesus in a personal way? Be honest to yourself… do you know Jesus in a personal way?

Many feel uncomfortable when asked this question. There is a big difference in knowing Jesus as a historical person and knowing Jesus in a personal way. Knowing Jesus in a personal way, is knowing Him in the spiritual realm.

Wherever there is corruption, abortion, money laundering, crimes related to drugs and human traffiking, besides other acts of not loving your neighbour, for sure reflects that there is not a personal relationship with Jesus by whoever commits such acts or approve them. Knowing Jesus in a personal way produces love to your neighbour, to safeguard humanity from any kind of destruction to one’s being, both physically and spiritually.

Knowing Jesus in a personal way, makes you a ‘light’ in today’s society, to share His love, to do what is good and to love your neighbour.

God Bless You

George Calleja (Christian Author)

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